Gabe Ozbourne is the founder and creator of Ganja Beach radio, an entertaining cannabis radio podcast. This podcast is specially designed to educate communities on current and progressive cannabis topics, advances and stories. The podcast features several experts in cannabis related industries ranging from Doctors and lawyers to entrepreneurs and medicinal marijuana patients. These guest speakers share their personal as well as unbiased professional experiences with cannabis. Common discussions include how its used, how it has positively affected their lives, why they have used it and first hand testimonials of its healing capabilities.  Always using a keen sense of humor and comedy to teach all things cannabis, this podcast creates an open conversational plain everyone can enjoy. Gabe Ozbourne has been a DJ for 15 years and for the last 5 years has enjoyed educating the masses on the benefits of cannabis. His hobbies include DJing, and “Nerding out” consistently on the effects and medical advances of cannabis and other entheogenic plants.

She's a little sassy, a little crafty, and our number one #GanjaGal. Tiffany is the owner and enterpainter of Paint N Puff, a truly unique paint night experience! She mixes a little bit of paint...  and a little bit of puff to educate patients about the benefits of medical marijuana, and other natural healing techniques. Tiffany first became passionate about natural medicines after watching family members suffer with their illnesses. After their passing her advocacy focus shifted from Clean Water, (Which she is still fully committed to,) to deregulation and legalization of cannabis. She brings a certain femininity to Ganja Beach Radio. Her witty personality, is something that holds people in! As a homeschooling mother of three, who struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, she has found relief through the use of MMJ. Her goal is to help break the stigma surrounding women in cannabis.

Doctor Lonny is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with over 30 years of experience in the field of psychology.  Throughout his career he has worked in many different treatment settings that have given him a strong foundation in my practice. His approach to treating patients is holistic in nature. He touches on many areas of a person's life instilling insight and promoting growth. As a licensed clinician he has been compelled to educate not only himself and his patients about medical marijuana and plant medicine,  but to also educate the public about the benefits of it. On this journey to share the knowledge of plant medicine Dr. Lonny has also become a vocal advocate for the legalization of marijuana and the reclassification of it on a national level. On a personal level, he has been exposed to plant medicine and homeopathic treatments since childhood,  as his mother was raised on a farm. As an adult he has explored ways to use plant medicine to boost immune system in an effort to not contract illnesses from his patients, with a great deal of success! 

A Florida native, Ricky was born and raised in Broward county, Florida. A second year medical marijuana patient, he uses cannabis to cope with social anxiety. Once he began using cannabis as a medicine, he noticed a huge improvement in his ability to engage others socially with dread. Now he is using that empowerment to share his love of art, passion for creativity, and to help the next kid who suffers in silence find the courage to take the steps to climb out that bottomless mental pit called anxiety. As founder of Herbgasm, a social club with the goal of destigmatizing the use of cannabis to enhance our cultural experience, he hopes to educate others on how marijuana can enhance all the new experiences that modern day society has to offer. Ricky shares his personal journey as @geekbaked on Instagram, as well as his passion for art and innovation via @cannabisthecreator. As an advocate for a stigma free Florida, Herbgasm Ricky brings the perspectives of both a medical marijuana patient and a ganjapreneur.

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